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Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metro, Jody Lee Kimmell Hypnotherapy continues to help individuals enjoy a better quality of life. Although hypnosis has been used successfully for centuries, as a science, hypnotherapy is a relatively new concept for many people. After diligently searching for a better outcome for personal struggles, people find that it offers a welcome solution that can be largely self-managed with training.

Hypnosis is that delicate balance between neuroscience and psychology, and Jody Kimmell has developed his expertise with years of experience and a compassionate determination to make a difference. He guides his clients to a richer shade of reality than they knew possible. Jody helps his clients make a fundamental transformation for the better. The changes are sometimes subtle yet empowering and other times noticeably apparent and energizing. In either case, they are life-changing.

“I am grateful to Jody for the powerful changes in my life.”  –Keith H., Sioux Falls, SD

What can hypnosis do for you?

The benefits cover a long list of concerns, and perhaps some that may be an issue for you or your loved one. Many clients are familiar with the remarkable success that hypnotherapy has for clients who are ready to quit smoking or determined to lose weight. After various failed attempts, these clients turn to hypnosis because they are ready for results, and they are pleasantly surprised at the positive outcome.

These success stories inspire people to think about what else hypnotherapy can do. The list is impressively long! Whether it’s about daily struggles or goal achievement, learning to focus the subconscious mind constructively will help the mind work for you instead of against you. This focus can help you eliminate fears, phobias and anxieties. It can help you excel personally and professionally. Need help managing pain, anger or stress? It can do that for you too.

At Jody Lee Kimmell Hypnotherapy, Jody will work with you to discover the source of your frustration and remove its hold on you. After experiencing hypnotherapy, many people feel they have been set free to lead a richer, fuller life. Developing the power within your mind is an astonishing gift. You’ll be amazed at the insights and opportunities that open up after your hypnotherapy sessions with Jody.

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