Jody Lee Kimmell Hypnotherapy
Jody Lee Kimmell Hypnotherapy


Jody has a heart for youth, young adults and families who are living with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Life along the autism spectrum can offer difficulties in communication skills and social interaction, and hypnosis can help families interact much more comfortably.

As a Hypnosis for Autism specialist, Jody has a special knack for working with individuals in the autistic range. It is heart-warming to see families come together and individuals communicate and understand each other better with the help of hypnosis. Understanding a child’s potential and how to work within their capabilities helps family members enjoy their interaction and the developmental process. The calming influence of hypnosis can change lives dramatically within the entire social sphere.

“When my son Nate and I met Jody Kimmell, Nate was 11 years old, had multiple diagnoses (Asperger’s, a mood disorder, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder), was physically aggressive, anxious, failing in school (although a very bright child), a social outcast, had a multitude of sensory issues, and had very low self-esteem. I wanted help for my child. For our first meeting, Nate and I were both a little nervous, yet Jody put us immediately at ease. He was so positive and encouraging—it was obvious that he was passionate about the work that he does. In all the appointments I had taken my son to over the years since his diagnosis, this was the first time Nate was smiling and looking forward to coming back! Nate and Jody worked together to improve Nate’s self-esteem, lessen his anxiety around social situations, and help control his aggression. Jody taught Nate to use self-hypnosis in areas of challenge, and the results he experiences are amazing and life-changing! Today, 6 years later, Nate is a thriving 17-year-old young man that is fully functioning in this world. To say that Jody Kimmell has helped my son would be an understatement. When asked, Nate says that Jody gave him a future, whereas before he felt as though he had none. We will be forever grateful for the work that Jody has done on Nate’s behalf, and we highly recommend him to any family experiencing the struggles that are a part of Asperger’s.”  –D. Moore, St. Paul, MN

For children on the autism spectrum, Jody’s hypnotherapy strategies can help manage anxiety and the uncertainty of daily situations. The progress displayed and insights learned can make a true difference in the individual’s potential, family dynamics and expanded social network. Each expression of joy is a treasured gift for Jody.

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