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Here are comments from clients about their wide-ranging experiences with Jody Kimmell and hypnotherapy.

“I recently heard of the successful work that a hypnotherapist named Jody Kimmell had done with quite a number of people. They were all individuals who had been seeing or were continuing to see a psychologist, psychiatrist or a counselor. All of them were looking for a more meaningful or personal guidance that would help them to better deal with their private personal feelings of deep-seated anger, depression or a sense of hopelessness, when nothing else seemed to work in their lives.

In the case of four different people I know, each of them was willing to try a different kind of care, which involved the possibility of benefiting from participating in hypnotherapy. Jody Kimmell contacted each of the people by telephone and determined their interest in meeting with him to discuss and explore their personal issues. Subsequently, he scheduled meetings with each of the four individuals and met with them in person.

Importantly, each of the individuals reported what they described as having had highly beneficial experiences with him. Jody’s intuitively compassionate approach was described as being a gentle and knowing way. He helped each of them to face their concerns and the path to overcoming the obstacles to gaining a real sense of emotional relief. One of the four described Jody’s effect on her as being like “…lifting an enormous weight from my shoulders.”

It would be impossible for me to not recommend Jody Kimmell, as his effect on people is virtually immediate, and the relief he brings to people is so powerful. Each of them described Jody as being a person who seemed to have known them for years, and they felt he actually experienced their pain along with them in their sessions. Jody Kimmell is the real thing, and his caring guidance to one achieving real emotional relief is tenderly delivered.” –Ralph Osterhout 

“I was teaching, coaching and loving it when a weight machine fell on me and changed my life in an instant. Suffering with a brain injury, MRSA and chronic pain, I was bedridden for 3½ months, taking antibiotics and unable to walk. Knowing nothing about hypnosis, I was introduced to Jody by a trusted friend. Jody spent time with me explaining how hypnosis could help. It was obvious that he had a positive, caring outlook, and as I worked with him, even my wife and friends could see what a difference it made. As I improved, I spent the winter out of state, and he conducted sessions with me on FaceTime. Jody has given me hope and made a difference in my life!” –Dave D., Sioux Falls, SD

“I am grateful to Jody for the powerful changes in my life. As a businessman, former professional baseball player, and avid hunter, the last thing I would have imagined was that I would develop tinnitus. Unfortunately, I did. I couldn’t escape the noise and couldn’t sleep at night. I tried medical help and anti-anxiety meds; yet, it wasn’t until, by pure chance, I found Jody and worked with him to find relief. Even now, some noisy situations will create a recurrence, but I am now equipped to confidently manage these situations until my world is once again as quiet as a church mouse. I am now an advocate for ear protection—and a serious fan of Jody Kimmell. Jody has a natural ability to connect with people, educate them and help them make a positive difference in their lives with hypnotherapy. I have referred many friends to him for a variety of issues, and I’ve seen how he can help them succeed when they are ready to face it and release the control the issue has over them.” –Keith H., Sioux Falls, SD

“After I came back from Iraq, I found I was feeling anxiety whenever I was in a crowded area. Over time it began getting worse, my heart would start to race, and my breath would come in short quick gasps. I started having full blown panic attacks every time I went out to a bar or club. Since I wanted to become a more social person I went to see the shrinks at the VA and was given medication for my anxiety. Over time, however, I began suffering from side effects associated with the medication. I found myself once again in talking to the VA doctor where I was given another medication to counter the side effects of the first. He told me to play with the amount I took each day until I found the right amount that worked for me. After developing problems from the second medication and not wanting a third set of pills to deal with more side effects I gave up and quit taking both medications. Still wanting to fix my problems I continued going out hoping that by facing my fears the discomfort would go away. It got better after a fashion as long as I drank. Pretty soon my nights out became go out, get drunk, meet people. I spent a few months doing this. Drinking five nights a week was not only expensive but led to massive weight gain. One day, I woke up didn’t like what I saw and decided it was time to find a better way. I began looking for new options. I came across hypnotherapy when I was looking online and although a bit skeptical decided to give it a try. I researched the different hypnotherapy practitioners that were in Minnesota and found Jody Kimmell. I received a call from Jody later that day and set up my appointments. Over five sessions Jody led me on a journey through my subconscious to face my issues. During the process I found my anxiety beginning to lessen and my self-confidence begin increasing. I learned not only how to set goals for self-improvement but also how to keep working towards them with positive affirmations. When each session ended I felt relaxed and refreshed. After only five sessions I found that I was completely comfortable interacting with people in a crowded environment. Not only was I feeling more confident with no anxiety; I had become more outgoing and personable. Jody not only helped me fix the issues I was having, but also gave me the tools I needed to fix things in other areas of my life.” –Anonymous

“Jody Kimmell is a hypnotist, yes, but to me, the mom of a formerly struggling 22-year-old son, he’s a miracle worker. My son faced a multitude of developmental delays following a very difficult birth and medical experts said early on that he would probably never speak well enough to be understood and never read at grade level. While school-based and private therapy of every sort from age 17 months through sixth grade and some as recently as this past summer helped him overcome most of his physical challenges, it left him with nearly overwhelming feelings of inadequacy that he has struggled with since then. All my loving rah-rah encouragement meant nothing. Five years of working with a psychologist got us nowhere. My son simply did not believe in himself, and neither the most loving nor most reasoned words could change that core belief. Although he was initially extremely resistant to the idea of hypnosis, Jody made a quick connection with my son and forged a real bond. Jody related to his struggles, understood his quirky brain wiring and empathized with his feelings. By the third session, I could see that Jody was helping my son unlock what I had not been able to do in 22 years. After their sixth session, my son told me that for the first time ever, he was eager for the fall semester. This year, college is finally what I always knew it could be for my son. He now sees himself as I have always seen him: capable, smart, strong, clever; easily as good as many in his chosen field and better than quite a few. He’s enjoying his life, excelling in his courses, sharing with underclassmen the many technical and creative skills he possesses, walking confidently into new situations, and building the strong social network that had always eluded him. He is becoming everything I knew he could be. All my years of loving encouragement had only left me frustrated and had left my son as discouraged as ever. My son, who had had—to put it in the best light–some very difficult semesters with many dropped and failed classes, now believes he can achieve anything he wants. Thanks to Jody, he’s gone from academic probation to two As, a B+ and a C last semester. He is a young man transformed and now eager and engaged in classes and in his life.

Before we met Jody, I was the only believer; now, we both believe. The young man who had nearly let go of his dream is three semesters from a professional career as a sports reporter. Yes! The boy who would “never speak well enough to be understood” has long dreamed of an on-air career. Now, thanks to Jody, he has the confidence to make it happen. If we’d not found him, the dream would have died, and my son would be clerking at Sports Authority (a solid workaday job, but hardly the dream). Jody has been a singular blessing in our lives. The gratitude I have for him is endless. The weight off my shoulders is enormous. My son believing in himself is priceless.” –Lori A., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
(a long drive, but I would have happily driven 10 times as far.)

“Struggles with extreme sleepiness during the day (dozing in meetings, whenever I sat down in the afternoon, and once, while driving) led me to a sleep clinic. After testing, I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. This meant that I was stopping breathing up to 80 times an hour, and my oxygen levels were dipping dangerously low many times each night. In the short term, this causes sleepiness during the day, which makes life difficult in many ways. In the long term, it leads to a host of serious health problems. The treatment was a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, which blows air through a tube into a mask and down one’s airway all night, to keep the airway open. It’s a highly effective treatment, if used every time you sleep. However, my sleep doctor told me that only 50% of the patients who need it are able to tolerate it. I was sent home with the CPAP machine and its accoutrements, a few instructions on how to use it, and told I would need to use it for the rest of my life. In addition, I was told that a modem at the back of the machine would be reporting my daily usage to the sleep clinic, and if I didn’t use the machine at least four hours per night, my insurance would not pay for it. Using a machine each night to help with breathing is a lifestyle change, and unfortunately, I was one of the 50% for whom it did not happen easily. I struggled with feelings of claustrophobia, feeling like the machine was suffocating me and I was going to be unable to breathe. Five days into my attempts to use the machine, my dear dad passed away suddenly. Then my sorrow and disorientation over his death seemed to get intermingled with my feelings about the machine. I went back to the sleep clinic and tried a different mask. But I still struggled. I dreaded bedtime every night, and each night was a battle between the machine and me. I would try it for a while, then panic and rip the mask off. I looked into other possible alternatives to treat my sleep apnea, but none of them work very well for apnea as severe as mine. I had to find a way to use the CPAP machine comfortably, and the sleep clinic didn’t have anything else to offer me. I could tell that the feelings that I had about the machine were huge and were not coming from my rational conscious mind.  I decided to seek hypnosis, to see if, by working directly with my unconscious mind, I could learn to be more comfortable with the machine. An online search led me to Jody Kimmell, my hypnotherapist. Jody was extremely sympathetic to my plight and confident that he could help me. He is absolutely passionate about helping people through hypnosis. He spent a lot of time with me, explaining how the unconscious mind works and how hypnosis can help. I signed up for six sessions. Jody explained everything very thoroughly, so I was only a little bit nervous at my first hypnosis session. I found it to be a soothing, relaxing and interesting experience. After the first hypnosis session, I was able to put the machine on and use it for a few hours at night. There were a few fits and starts over the next weeks, but by my third session, I was able to put the machine on with less distress and use it every night. I am now at 25 consecutive nights, I no longer dread bedtime, and I am averaging 7 hours a night using the machine. I am far more comfortable with the machine and everything related to it, and I am feeling well rested for the first time in years. Jody has encouraged me to believe that this change will lead to other positive life changes, and I look forward to those with great anticipation!  I would recommend Jody for anyone who is struggling with CPAP use, or with any challenging lifestyle change. Six easy, comforting hypnosis sessions, and I am now able to easily do what I need to do for my long-term health and wellness.” –Susan K., Apple Valley, MN

First, thanks for showing me the way. I had been a smoker for about 40 years. I smoked a variety of brands of cigarettes. During the many times I attempted to stop smoking, I would smoke cigars instead (but usually ended up smoking both). I attempted to stop many times. My attempts were almost an annual affair. I tried cold turkey, acupressure, patches, gums, lozenges and E cigarettes. Some attempts were successful, but none had any lasting success. It’s not so much that they didn’t succeed in getting me to stop, but they didn’t prevent me from having the constant desire. At the slightest trigger, I would bum a smoke. That led to buying that one pack (the ”I’ll quit right after I finish this pack” pack). I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a life-altering adventure. My desire to smoke is gone. My mind has the tools to put down any lingering temptations. I’ve been confronted with challenges that, in the past, I would have used as an excuse for that one cigarette, but I didn’t! I feel better. My wife says my complexion has changed and I look healthier. I would enthusiastically recommend any person with a sincere desire to stop smoking to visit Jody Kimmell.” –C.

“When my son Nate and I met Jody Kimmell, Nate was 11 years old, had multiple diagnoses (Asperger’s, a mood disorder, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder), was physically aggressive, anxious, failing in school (although a very bright child), a social outcast, had a multitude of sensory issues, and had very low self-esteem. I wanted help for my child. We had tried occupational therapy, behavior modification therapy, medications, social skills training, 1:1 cognitive therapy, and on and on, with limited degrees of success. You name it, we tried it. But nothing was making a big enough impact on Nate to turn things around. As his mother, I felt that a part of the problem was that Nate didn’t have the belief that HE could turn things around. I had heard that hypnotherapy could help a neuro-typical person overcome anxiety and self-esteem issues, and I wondered (although a bit skeptically I must admit) if hypnotherapy might be the key we had been looking for. So, I started calling local hypnosis offices. The responses were less than encouraging. Most did not even work with children much, less a child on the autism spectrum. Then, I scheduled a phone consult with Jody. Immediately upon connecting with Jody, I felt his passion for working with children on the autism spectrum. He assured me that he could work with Nate and that we could see some improvement though a series of sessions. I was feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time, and only hoped that Jody and Nate could make a connection and work together towards changes that would improve Nate’s quality of life, even if only a little bit.

For our first meeting, Nate and I were both a little nervous, yet Jody put us immediately at ease. He was so positive and encouraging- it was obvious that he was passionate about the work that he does. He took his time describing what hypnosis is, in a way that Nate could relate to, and just what it could and could not do for Nate. Most importantly, Jody took a great deal of time building a rapport with Nate and finding common interests that kept Nate interested and engaged. He even blew Nate’s mind by performing clever magic tricks to illustrate particular points! The first actual hypnosis session Jody showed Nate some simple techniques he could use to calm himself when he felt anxious, angry, or dis-regulated. Jody spent a little more than 2 hours on that first session with Nate and me, and we both left the session feeling so hopeful and enthusiastic! In all the appointments that I had taken my son over the years since his diagnosis, this was the first time Nate was smiling and looking forward to coming back!

Subsequent sessions were no less “magical.” The next 10 sessions, Nate and Jody worked together to improve Nate’s self-esteem, lessen his anxiety around social situations, and help control his aggression. Jody taught Nate to use self-hypnosis in areas of challenge, and the results he experiences are amazing and life-changing! Over time, Nate and I saw improvements in all areas!

Today, 6 years later, Nate is a thriving 17-year-old young man that is fully functioning in this world. Over the years working with Jody, we have seen Nate’s self-esteem sky-rocket, and his aggressive behavior extinguished. He has developed social skills and made friends, and his anxiety level has decreased dramatically due to self-hypnosis calming techniques taught by Jody. Nate began playing on mainstream sports teams, attended mainstream camps, earning grades that placed him on the honor roll. Hypnosis even helped Nate in getting his driver’s license! Just this past year, Nate became ineligible for county disability services, and most importantly to him, Nate met all of his IEP goals and objectives and therefore was no longer eligible for special education services in the school setting. Nate is now, in his own words, “just one of the guys- the COOL guys!”

To say that Jody Kimmell has helped my son would be an understatement. When asked, Nate says that Jody gave him a future, whereas before he felt as though he had none. That makes me emotional to hear from my son, but it is true. We owe Jody more than we could ever repay. Jody took my son on as a client when no one else would, he met my son where he was at in the beginning, and he worked with us on and off over the years as we needed. All of this resulting in the transformation of my son from one extreme to another- and by that, I mean a typical teenage “norm.” We will be forever grateful for the work that Jody has done on Nate’s behalf, and we highly recommend him to any family experiencing the struggles that are a part of Asperger’s.  –D. Moore, St. Paul, MN

“Transformation is what it’s all about and Jody Kimmell is about transformation. How often it is that one finds the artist with extraordinary skill, yet little insight into life. And more often, we run into one with great insight, yet lacking in artistic expression for such depth. Jody Kimmell is both artist and depth. His therapeutic insights combined with the artistry of hypnotherapy skills makes for an unusual yet extremely rewarding experience for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of their own personhood.” –Jeffrey Shade, B.A., M.S., M.Div., CHT

“I originally made my appointment thinking only about weight loss. Jody made me realize that anxiety is a major issue in my life and knew hypnosis would help me. My anxiety was so acute that just walking out the door was a major issue at times. I would need to mentally talk myself into going places before I could just open that door. With Jody’s help, I now can’t believe the change in myself! Not only do I interact with others better, I have gone to see a comedian and movies by myself. Amazing! I still have moments of anxiety but the techniques he gave me to calm down work like a charm. After a few moments of deep breathing, I lift my head up and out the door I go. I love it! As for the weight loss, it’s slow going (which it should be), after a lifetime of bad eating habits, but I’m very confident the weight will come off. I highly recommend Jody.” –Mary W.

“My husband and I came to Jody Kimmell to stop smoking. We had been discussing quitting smoking for 2 years and decided to finally make an investment that we HOPED would work. My husband smoked for close to 20 years, and I had smoked for 15 years. Having never used hypnosis before, we were unsure of what to expect. We were pleased and excited to discover the science behind hypnosis, and the way Mr. Kimmell educated us so thoroughly made the whole process easy to understand and therefore easy for us to succeed! We were thrilled with the immediate results we received! 

Jody is personable and genuine, which made the experience very enjoyable. His passion for helping others is obvious, and within a few sessions, we were done smoking for good. The cravings are gone, and we couldn’t be happier! It has now been over 2 months and we are still going strong. We highly recommend Jody Kimmell to those of you that are ready to be free from the hold that cigarettes have on their life!” –Katie & Shawn M., Minneapolis, MN

“I am incredibly thankful for Jody’s assistance in helping me to be successful in quitting smoking. He is extremely positive, understanding, and has a wonderful warmth about him. He really, genuinely cares about those he helps. I have been able to make a long-term and sustainable change and am excited to live a healthier life. He’s a great person to have in your corner!” –Sara G., Minneapolis, MN

“I work as a hand surgeon and was referred to clinical hypnotherapist Jody Kimmell by my brother-in-law. I was having a lot of anxiety about mistakes I made in the operating room and the effect those mistakes had on my patients. It was very difficult for me to sleep through the night, and I would routinely wake up worrying about my patients. These negative thoughts were constantly impacting my personal life for the worst. I came to see Jody, and through his techniques, I was able to let go of negative self-talk and focus on the positive. Now I am able to relax and focus much more easily! I found my confidence, and with it an inner peace. I am a much better person and surgeon because of my experience with Jody.” –Dr. J. B.

Reference on Jody Kimmell and Hypnosis Therapy
It’s Never Too Late to Change your Life.
I’m in my 70s now and largely retired from business. To the outside world, I probably appear to be a highly functional person—a successful businessman, a good father and husband and that I should now be “enjoying the fruits of my labors.”
In fact, I recently discovered that I have Asperger’s syndrome, which somewhat explains why I have struggled all my life “to fit in” and I have struggled with a lifetime filled with social anxiety, perfectionism and concern about the past and worry about the future. I have spent years in various kinds of therapy and at various times have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bi-polar II.
Finding the Tools to Create Permanent Change
I was recently introduced to Jody Kimmell and hypnotherapy and decided, with some skepticism, to try this new approach to solving my problems. After several sessions, I have become a real believer in the power of hypnosis to change the way I feel and act. I have acquired some powerful tools to help me change the way I have functioned for years, generally with significant angst for me and those close to me. These tools have created new neural pathways in my subconscious mind and shut down the negative thinking that has produced so much anxiety over the years.
The Therapist
Jody Kimmell quickly instilled in me a high level of confidence that he understands my problems and that he cares about me as an individual. He shared about his own life and demonstrated to me that he could fully relate to my life story. He is an excellent listener and has proven to me that he has extraordinary skills at relating to individuals and their unique problems. Additionally, Jody is an expert at dealing with autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s and he has helped me immensely.
He explained why the use of hypnosis would change my behavior by changing my old patterns of subconscious thought. At each session, we work closely together to establish permanent, new thought patterns and eradicate the old, negative ways my conscious mind was addressing the world. This is a continuing process, and I know that Jody will continue to be there for me as I re-learn how to approach life and deal with my old demons. I can’t say enough positive things about his rare combination of insight, caring and teaching abilities.
Our Process
Jody Kimmell is based in Minneapolis, MN and I live in Charleston, SC. I initially met him at a conference in Florida and began a successful long-distance relationship. At the beginning, Jody did an exceptional, in-depth job of learning who I am, what my problems are and how to uniquely address them. He did an excellent job of explaining how hypnosis therapy can change the way I think and produces successful outcomes. We now meet regularly using Skype or FaceTime. In many ways, this is even better than face-to-face. I am in the comfort of my home and not limited geographically to seeing someone close by. I am able to access a world-class therapist, regardless of where either of us is physically located.

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